Travel retail highlights

Saluting Heinemann’s

sustainability pioneers

Gebr Heinemann Co-owners Claus and Gunnar Heinemann have made sustainability and corporate responsibility a key part of the family-run business’ philosophy.

The pair’s dedication to shaping the future of sustainable travel retail has been honoured as they received the Legends Wings of Help award at the recent Living Legends of Aviation by Scalaria event in Austria.

The award also recognises the humanitarian work done by the retailer, including active support of the Wings of Help association, an organisation devoted to helping children in need.

Many of the sustainability ideas and solutions Gebr Heinemann has identified and realised to date have been outlined in the company’s latest corporate responsibility report. In launching the report, Gebr Heinemann Chief Commercial Officer Kay Spanger noted a fine “balancing act” of “operating a successful business by carefully reflecting on every economic decision, environmental and social risks and the opportunities”.

“We are inspired by those who are ahead of us,” he said. “And we need to demand an equally strong commitment from our suppliers and business partners. This means sitting together at one table and setting standards along our value chain and across all categories represented in the Heinemann shopping baskets.”

Think and rethink: The corporate responsibility report highlights what has been achieved so far, but notes there is still much work to be done

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