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A new 60ft (18 metre)-long mural at San Diego International Airport pays tribute to local aviation industry pioneers and celebrates a proud history.

A spectacular new 60ft-long mural at San Diego International Airport (pictured above) aims to capture “man’s and machine’s power to reach beyond what’s possible”.

The mural, titled On The Map, was inspired by the city’s historic contributions to aeronautics. It is the second of a three-mural commission by Jari ‘WERC’ Alvarez, a former San Diegan and well-known painter and graffiti artist.

On The Map features vintage San Diego aviation pioneers on a map-like design and is located on the Harbor Drive-facing wall of the former Commuter Terminal, now the Airport Authority Administration building.

In the spirit of public art, Alvarez created On the Map with help from both the community and the Teen Art Group of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

According to San Diego International Airport, the new mural reflects the important contributions of female aviators and engineers to the field and references aviation legends like Glenn Curtiss and Lincoln Beachey. It also pays tribute to Consolidated Aircraft Corporation/Convair, a former aircraft manufacturer headquartered in San Diego, by depicting the saw-tooth roofline of its original building on Pacific Highway.

The mural is scheduled to remain on display until 2022.

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