Virtual Travel Retail Expo: Wine, Spirits & Beer

Dynamism in drinks: Wine, Spirits & Beer at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo (continued)

Loch Lomond Group

Premiumisation and provenance: Loch Lomond Group thrust its key brands Loch Lomond, Glen Scotia and Littlemill, alongside the innovative Ben Lomond gin, into the spotlight at the event.

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Lough Ree Distillery

Irish family-owned distiller Lough Ree was among the up and coming independent drinks companies to showcase their offer to a global audience at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo.

The company has gained acclaim for its innovative styles in gin, whiskey and vodka, and is investing in the future with the building of a brand new distillery in Lanesborough, which will be complete in the coming months.

Its ambitions are outlined in this pre-event video with The Moodie Davitt Report President Dermot Davitt.

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Masi Agricola

A new range of natural wines and travel retail-specific offers sit prominently in the portfolio previewed by Venetian wine ambassador Masi. The company proudly showcased not only its history but also how it is innovating to adapt to a new future.

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Molson Coors

Building on the strong foundation of its well-known beer brands, including Blue Moon, Corrs and Miller, Molson Coors highlighted travel retail newcomers Movo Wine Spritzers and Bodega Bay and Vizzy hard seltzers.

In line with the company’s track record of sharp consumer marketing, Bodega Bay targets the “healthy hedonists and mindful mavericks of this world”.

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Peuch & Besse

Want to view and hear some great stories of wines and the men and women who make them? Peuch & Besse presented its compelling ‘One Wine, One Story’ concept through a series of lovely presentations, while the latest blends from its 70 partners across France are also in the spotlight.

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Pernod Ricard

A Platinum Partner, Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail made a dual appearance in the Knowledge Hub sessions at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo, sharing its strategy around data and digitalisation amid the changing world of travel retail. Themes included the rise of ecommerce, how physical experiences can complement online interaction and innovation, such as a world-first airport robotic bartender – all part of its presentation to partners via its Platinum Stand & Experience.

Click on the video for Knowledge Hub session highlights and on this link for a story on the company’s participation at the event.

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