Virtual Travel Retail Expo: Omnichannel Experiences and Travel Retail Services

Seizing the omnichannel opportunity

The Virtual Travel Retail Expo played host to a range of omnichannel and service partners across the channel. We present highlights from these companies in this section.


AOE, the leading provider of technology solutions and consulting for digitalising the travel retail passenger journey for airports and airlines, presented its suite of solutions at the digital event. These encompass pre-order, pre-select, onboard-sales, POS, e-commerce, personalisation, logistics, and fulfilment. The company also talked guests through its airline and airport solutions in two special Engagement Lounge sessions, with Founder Kian Gould central to a compelling omnichannel session in the Knowledge Hub.

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Au Coeur du Luxe

The Hong Kong-based global leader in education for luxury and premium brands underlined the role of innovative training programmes in travel retail as part of its virtual experience.

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Changi Airport Group

Digitalisation has become a key tool in the retail strategy for Changi Airport Group, led by its ecommerce platform iShopChangi. The company’s data-driven online platform aims to evolve to meet the needs of a new generation of consumers in the post-COVID-19 world, led by its fast-changing ecommerce platforms.

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FILTR & Qingwa

Travel retail specialist agency (and Virtual Travel Retail Expo Partner) FILTR and integrated creative agency QINGWA merged recently to form a powerful 55-person global agency network. The new group unites a wealth of expertise in business and marketing strategy, design, PR and communications, digital and production for exceptional clients in a variety of global consumer channels – as illustrated by the high-class environment and array of experiences developed for the Virtual Travel Retail Expo.

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The leading air travel analytics company has developed datasets and products for the travel retail sector, such as Traveller Statistics, Chinese Shopper Tracker and the Global Recovery Dashboard, which it showcased at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo. Founder Olivier Jager outlined the company’s latest work and view of the recovery in a data-rich Knowledge Hub session.

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The online marketing and enterprise data solutions provider recently released the ‘Chinese Travel Shoppers White Paper 2020,’ with insights into Chinese market trends. The title, produced in association with The Moodie Davitt Report and ClickInsights, was among the features of its virtual showcase during the Expo week.

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While 2020 has offered plenty of challenges for most industry stakeholders, for Chinese company iSkyTrip this year also represented opportunity. Visitors can discover iSkyTrip’s mobile and omnichannel services at its Virtual Travel Retail Expo stand in our encore period.

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The Moodie Davitt eZine Issue 285 | 4 November 2020

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