FAB Conference 2018: Delegate engagement

There were many talking points over the two days of panel sessions and presentations. Delegates used Q&A platform Sli.do to pose challenging questions and add valuable information.

Lively discussion: The top questions posed by delegates on Sli.do

  • #LifeInHel was a bold experiment that paid off... how difficult was it for Finavia to change the way it thought about innovation and tackle the ‘fear’?
  • When our biggest asset is people, pre-ordering by app and using self-service kiosks is decreasing and/or eliminating human interaction. Is this sustainable?
  • Disruptors don’t follow processes - how do you incorporate that into an organisation without killing creativity?
  • How should the risks associated with innovation be shared between airport and operator?
  • Airports take risks with existing partners but not necessarily new partners. True or false?
  • Where do you stand with the benefits and hinderances of mobile ordering? How do delivery companies benefit and/or cost the concessionaires?
  • What cultural changes do organisations need to make to maximise the benefit of analytics tools like those seen today?
  • Can you ever see passengers booking a table at an airport restaurant?
  • Can you describe the impacts for today's largest airports and concessionaires of the coming increase in wealth outside Europe and North America?

The Moodie Davitt e-Zine | Issue 243 | 16 July 2018