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‘The World in a Day’ in Mission Hills

Shenzhen Duty Free Group and DFS Group have inaugurated phase one of their spectacular new downtown duty free retail complex in Haikou Mission Hills, Hainan. We bring you comment from both partners and a range of stunning imagery.

“The collaboration between DFS and Shenzhen Duty Free provides an unparalleled opportunity for visitors to Hainan to experience international luxury retail in one of China’s most popular holiday destinations.” With these words DFS Group Chairman and CEO Benjamin Vuchot hails the first-phase launch of the partners’ spectacular new downtown duty free retail complex in Haikou Mission Hills, Hainan.

Located within one of Hainan’s largest and most popular leisure resorts, the complex (inaugurated on 31 January) will be completed in phases over the next two years, eventually spanning over 30,000sq m and boasting, among other highlights, the largest Beauty Hall in DFS’ global network.

The Mission Hills project is the result of one of the strongest partnerships to date in the booming Hainan duty free sector, DFS notes, one that represents over 100 years of combined expertise in duty free retail.

The Mission Hills store features the biggest beauty hall in the whole DFS network

Shenzhen Duty Free, founded in 1980, is one of China’s oldest and most successful travel retailers, and possesses deep and broad understanding of the China domestic market. DFS brings its own high level of expertise in merchandising, digital know-how and store design, along with powerful brand relationships.

Revealing a glimpse into the retail excitement to come, Phase One of the new store offers what DFS dubs “an immersive and spellbinding tour” of ‘The World in a Day’, a conceptual extravaganza incorporating elements from T Gallerias by DFS in Venice, Paris, Sydney and Macau. Customers can choose from an initial selection of categories including fashion, beauty, watches and jewellery, with more product assortments to be added in subsequent phases.

Commenting on the launch, Jiangwei YOU(尤江伟)Secretary of the Group Party Committee, Chairman of the Group (集团党委书记、董事长) Shenzhen State-Owned Duty Free Commodity Group, says, “As a responsible state-owned enterprise for over 40 years, Shenzhen Duty Free Group actively responded to the call for development of the Hainan Free Trade Port to help overcome the business difficulties created by the pandemic. We are proud to participate in this historic opportunity to grow the duty-free industry together with domestic and foreign counterparts.”

DFS and Shenzhen Duty Free Group have a long-established partnership, with DFS supplying merchandise and advising on operations across Shenzhen Duty Free Group’s network. Last year, DFS acquired a 22% stake in Shenzhen Duty Free Ecommerce Co, which is majority-owned by Shenzhen Duty Free Group.

The completed retail complex will span over 30,000sq m of stunning space in two years

DFS had a presence in Hainan from 2005 to 2019. Commenting in December as the duty free licence for the location was confirmed, DFS said it was excited to again support the Hainan Provincial Government in its ambition to transform the island into a world-class free-trade island.

“With our long history of developing new markets in Asia, as well as our expertise in downtown duty free retailing, strong luxury brand relationships and deep understanding of travelling Chinese customers, we are ready to take retail in Hainan to new heights,” said DFS Group Chairman and CEO Benjamin Vuchot at the time.

Haikou, a port city and the capital of China’s island province Hainan, sits on the island’s north coast. The city is an important centre of cultural heritage and boasts rich natural beauty as well as a pleasant tropical climate and numerous attractions.

Mission Hills is an integrated eco-tourism resort in Haikou spanning 100,000sq m, offering high-class leisure and recreation facilities including golf courses, a water park, hot and cool mineral pools and a man-made beach.

To create ‘The World in a Day’, DFS has drawn inspiration from some of its most prestigious locations elsewhere (for example the echoing of the Macau Gallerias above)

And now a touch of Paris…

Now it’s welcome to Sydney…

Where else but Venice? Echoes of one of the retailer’s greatest stores, T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS, in the famed city of love

(Above and below) Watches and jewellery, a traditional DFS strength, are nicely expressed in the phase one development

‘The World in a Day’, a striking concept that incorporates elements from T Gallerias by DFS in Venice, Paris, Sydney and Macau

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