Two Stacks

Dram in a Can

‘Irish whiskey on the go’ – Two Stacks’ has introduced a 100ml format for its award-winning Irish whiskey. The new expression comes in a single-serve, environmentally-friendly can. 'Dram in a Can' takes inspiration from the world’s first miniature spirit bottle, invented in Dublin in 1889 and christened the ‘Baby Power’.

It offers a 43% five-part blend and, at 22g per serve, is, eight times lighter than the conventional double serve which is featured inflight by many airlines. The tin can also makes for easy recycling. According to Two Stacks – whose mission is to lead the ‘new renaissance revival of Irish whiskey’ – the new format is not just about the product, it’s about the audience it attracts and the community it can build through creative collaborations.

During COVID lockdowns the brand collaborated with struggling local artists and musicians to bring its Dram in a Can product to life. Check out the results in the video below.

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