Creag Dhu

Creag Dhu is a single malt whisky brand company on a mission to preserve the Scottish peatlands. The brand is inherently linked with nature and the company highlights the value of peat and marshlands as stores of carbon. According to the Creag Dhu team, preserving the peatlands is one of the most cost-effective ways of protecting against the CO₂ emissions that impact global warming.

The company notes that peatlands cover just 3% of the earth’s surface yet store 30% of the entire planet’s soil carbon. They are not only beautiful, dramatic landscapes but are also important ecosystems, home to a huge range of birds and animals. The brand also notes that at least 70% of Scotland’s drinking water filters through peatlands. Creag Dhu’s very traditional whisky is matured in sherry oak casks for a minimum of eight years and distilled in Speyside. Every bottle has a Carbon Offset Certificate highlighting its contribution to Creag Dhu’s peatland restoration projects – 10kg of carbon saved, is equal to 12,610 light bulb hours or 1,140 km travelled by train. Click here to follow Creag Dhu’s preservation work.


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