Highland Botany Co.

Highland Botany Co's Hand Sanitisers contain juniper and pine essential oils which have skin clarifying, restoring, anti-ageing, energising and antibacterial qualities.

Other ingredients, such as grain ethanol, kill 99.9% of the most common disease-carrying germs while vegetable glycerol moisturises the skin. Finally, aloe vera has proven effective in healing minor wounds and skin problems, including sunburn, psoriasis and eczema. The distillery, which specialises in producing sustainably-sourced essential oils from local botanicals, is located in the Cairngorms National Park, in the Scottish Highlands.

It is a firm supporter of projects that seek to preserve the region’s peatlands, which are a globally significant carbon store and haven for wildlife and medicinal plants. Sales of the Highland Botany Hand Sanitisers support these efforts.

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