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GDF Plaza Phase II wows in Haikou

The Moodie Davitt Report brings you exclusive video highlights from the Phase II opening of Hainan Development Holdings’ Haikou Global Premium Duty Free (GDF) Plaza in Haikou, which was revealed on 30 August. The space, located at Mova Mall in Hainan’s capital city, introduces a wide array of cosmetics, perfumes, bags, shoes, watches, liquor, glasses, and jewellery from over 200 top brands. As reported, GDF Plaza (with support from international partner Dufry) opened the 3,000sq m Phase 1 on 31 January this year in the Mova Mall’s Capricorn building.

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Photos: Liu Yang, New Hainan App/新海南, Hainan Hinews Media Co

That successful introduction has paved the way for the addition of a wide range of new brands in the 30,000sq m Phase 2 housed in the neighbouring Aquarius building. The project’s third phase, located on the first and second floors of Capricorn, is now in the planning stages. It will focus on top global luxury brands in order to meet strong consumer demand.

In this page we focus on video highlights of the new environment. The first comes courtesy of Lim Guek Boon (Casey Lim), Vice President of Global Consumer Boutique (Hainan) Trading Co Ltd, which operates Global Premium Duty Free (GDF) Plaza in Haikou.

Click on the video to view further exclusive video coverage from the opening of Phase II, in association with The Moodie Davitt Report’s strategic local partner Hainan Hinews Media Co. In this film, shot on opening day, Lu Tianqin, Chief TV Host of Media and Head of the Duty Free Channel on the hugely popular New Hainan app, interviews Casey Lim and speaks to shoppers about their reaction to the offer. Chinese viewers can click here for Tianqin’s ‘Weekly Store Visit’ programme on the New Hainan WeChat platform. For our original web story and world exclusive photo gallery, click here.

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