Born from Academic Science

For over 30 years, SkinCeuticals has led the way in cosmeceutical skincare. Born from academic science and led by the pioneering Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, the first dermatologist to outline the parameters for formulating a stable serum with Vitamin C, SkinCeuticals introduced many of the pivotal skincare science breakthroughs that we know today.

Dr. Pinnell’s leading research, which revealed the power of antioxidants in deterring the effects of photo-ageing, changed dermatologic science forever. And while he may have sadly passed away in 2013, his pioneering spirit and mission lives on with SkinCeuticals.

Today, under the watchful care of L’Oréal Group, SkinCeuticals has remained committed to delivering precise, powerful and proven skincare that transforms the skin’s appearance while also respecting its health.

Used by over 8,500 dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medi-spas around the world, SkinCeuticals’ integrated skincare approach and pure active rich formulas are preventing, correcting and protecting women’s skin one anti-oxidant-packed bottle at a time, the company claims.

In this special edition, we shine the spotlight on the science-backed formulations that have earned SkinCeuticals the title ‘The number one Medical Aesthetic Skincare brand worldwide.’* We also tell the story of how SkinCeuticals is making efficacy sexy and bringing integrated skincare into travel retail. – Hannah Tan-Gillies, Editor

*Source: Kline & Company Global Professional Skincare 2020 report series, manufacturers’ sales in medical care channel for FY2020

Spotlight Series - December 2021

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