Born from Academic Science: Built on the pioneering research of Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, SkinCeuticals has led the way in the field of cosmeceutical skincare for over 30 years. In this special edition we tell the story of how, through constant innovation and tireless research, Dr. Pinnell’s pioneering spirit lives on with SkinCeuticals.


Introducing the new Silymarin CF: “A breakout banishing innovation.” That’s how SkinCeuticals describes its new serum novelty, the Silymarin CF. We take a closer look at the potent Vitamin C serum and how it leverages ‘oxidative theory’ to prevent breakout-causing oil oxidation.


The Antioxidant Lab lands in Haitang Bay: We profile the Antioxidant Lab activation, the brand's first hotel takeover in Hainan, China, which blended SkinCeuticals’ dermatological expertise with engaging online and offline experiences to entertain and educate travellers on the efficacy of its three hero serums: CE Ferulic, Phloretin CF and Silymarin CF.


Interview: SkinCeuticals International General Manager Leslie Harris honours Dr. Pinnell’s lasting dermatological legacy, discusses SkinCeuticals’ ‘Prevent, Correct and Protect’ ethos, and highlights the anti-oxidising power of the brand’s latest innovation, Sylmarin CF.


Prevent, Correct, Protect: SkinCeuticals ‘Prevent, Correct, Protect’ pillars represent the three fundamentals that inform all its formulas. In this section, we examine the science-backed efficacy of SkinCeuticals’ range and its integrated skincare approach to aesthetic treatments.


Interview: SkinCeuticals' effective, no-nonsense formulations approach is driving recovery not just for L’Oréal Travel Retail but also the wider channel, says Active Cosmetics & Professional Products Divisions General Manager Anne-Laure Lecerf.


‘The Picasso of dermatology’: In this concluding chapter, we bring SkinCeuticals’ story full circle as we honour the legacy of Dr. Sheldon Pinnell and reflect how his discovery concerning antioxidants broke barriers and pioneered the emergence of cosmeceutical science.

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