Talking Point: The world of Amouage

Adjacent to the fragrances zone is an outstanding experiential area for Amouage, housing not only the brand’s fragrances range but a lively assortment of accessories too, across 99sq m.

This is a daring and different approach, but one that fits the Omani brand’s ambitions to develop and premiumise even further. The merchandising is superb, with knowledgeable staff offering personal service, as one must in this upscale area. The brand’s Journey and Epic lines are among the best-sellers, we heard on our tour, with the brand able to showcase its skills in fine perfume making.

Muscat Duty Free General Manager Martin Mullen says: “If you can engage people using the five senses, you can pull them into the stores and make sales. Amouage does this very well.”

A daring and different approach: Amouage flies the flag for Omani beauty with its own store and (below) with its current position at the main store’s ‘frankincense tree’

The Moodie Davitt Report • The Online Magazine • MEADFA 2018