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Corporate responsibility, a core value

Gebr Heinemann management said that the company has embedded corporate responsibility and sustainability more than ever into its wider strategy through the crisis. It was no coincidence that on the day it hosted its press conference, it published its first joint and integrated Annual Business & Corporate Responsibility Report. Heinemann senior management said this underlined its determination to make progress on its journey towards more responsibility in the travel industry, and to embed corporate responsibility in all business areas. CEO Max Heinemann said: “Part of our understanding of creating the future is our commitment to corporate responsibility and responsible travel retail. We are convinced that responsibility in times of crisis and, above all, shaping a sustainable future for Gebr Heinemann are more important than ever.”

The company is advancing its sustainable business strategy across all areas. These include, for example, the successive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the point of sale and in logistics; the consideration of the principles of the circular economy in its shop design; sourcing a more sustainable product selection; reducing plastic and disposable products, such as single-use bags, bottle protectors and gift wrap, as well as a more sustainable supply chain with high environmental and social standards. Max Heinemann said: “If we look at the crisis and what we have experienced, this is a time where responsibility, whether social or corporate, should be written in bold letters. If you want to co-create the future of travel retail, as we intend to do, you need to commit to our general corporate social responsibility principles.

The integrated Annual Business & Corporate Responsibility Report outlines company priorities in key areas, both internally and externally

“As a 142-year-old company this is a core element. We launched a new code of ethics last year, around secure supply, animal welfare and much more besides. We are dealing with other partners on this too. We will make the way our partners package their products or sell part of our KPIs.” The Code of Ethics is guided by the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and adds the message of sustainable and responsible action to the corporate philosophy. “In an increasingly complex travel retail world with its diverse customers, partners and colleagues in all cultural circles, ethical behaviour is a basic requirement. Our compliance with globally recognised ecological, legal and social standards and beyond is officially underlined by the Gebr Heinemann Code of Ethics. By preventing misunderstandings and misconduct between partners and employees it directly strengthens our business,” said Max Heinemann.


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