21 December 2020 • Issue 289


The Experiential Column

CircleSquare and the Ghost of Airport Future


Year in Review

As a turbulent 2020 closes, we bring you our People of the Year, salute examples of creative and positive thinking, recognise those who stood up for the travel industry and for humanity amid crisis, and highlight our favourite images, videos, social & digital media campaigns, Podcasts and Blogs from the past 12 months.


Food & Beverage

Grab Chief Experience Officer Jeff Livney on the next steps in the evolution of the airport ecommerce company.


Sense of Place

ARI Deputy Chief Executive Anthony Kenny talks about adapting to new consumer demand in a changed world.


Sight Lines

A new report by The Talon Group international division Plexus highlights the dynamics that will shape the future of the Out of Home sector.


Positive Disruptors

We report on an innovative online proposition from Darwin International and Alice Springs airports.

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