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Towards “a safe tomorrow” in health & safety products

Three well-known travel retail figures create a supplier consortium that seeks to embrace new moral standards and collaboration benchmarks, beginning with health and safety products. By Martin Moodie.

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Three renowned travel retail identities have joined forces in an innovative new supplier consortium that aims to “seize the moment” amid the COVID-19 crisis. They are encouraging the industry to embrace new moral standards and collaboration benchmarks, beginning with health and safety products.

The consortium – intriguingly named for1314| a1dil | c3hristoph | d4enz – comprises Adil Raïhani (Chief Enabling Officer at Adil Raïhani Consulting and former Vienna Airport Senior Vice President Center Management); TR6 Owner (and former Cabeau executive) Denz van der List; and Christoph Henkel, the founder of Miami-based wholesale distributor InnoTRI Limited (and former Heinemann Americas Purchasing Director).

Addressing what they describe as a supply chain “meltdown” in the sector, for1314 is focusing firstly on the provision at scale of high-demand, essential health and safety products for front-line workers across all sectors (stretching beyond aviation and travel retail).

“We are passing on most of the margin to those in need to address the immorality we are seeing in vastly inflated market rates”

–Adil Raïhani

“This is not about making money but about building trust,” Raïhani told The Moodie Davitt Report. “We will do that by sourcing the right products and helping our partners deliver the highest possible standards. We bring quality, supply, trusted partners, highest certifications, innovation and technology.”

“Our ambition is clear: to create a safe tomorrow by addressing the problem of today, predicated on global best quality and pricing as well as new and open-sourcing strategies,” the group added.

Speaking on behalf of for1314| a1dil | c3hristoph | d4enz, Raïhani explained the mission. “Lockdown has given us an incredible focus and we’ve achieved ten years’ work in the space of 100 days,” he said. “The biggest barrier to regaining confidence in the travel and hospitality industries is people’s perceptions of safety and personal control. Therefore we decided to act. Our business model offers best quality and pricing with the most technologically advanced products. We are passing on most of the margin to those in need to address the immorality we are seeing in vastly inflated market rates.”

The mission

Creating the most sustainable solutions, setting quality standards, providing health & safety innovations and delivering moral values.

The dna

sustainability first | adhere to moral values | gain trust | lead by example | doing the right thing | focus | create ease of mind | create loyalty

The COVID-19 recovery range features the latest innovations in medically and military accredited specialist products backed by extensive certification and sourcing verification standards. They are being brought to market through InnoTri’s well-established logistics and distribution platform.

The range includes certified medical grade and washable face masks; sanitising stations; disinfectant tunnels; sneeze protection control suitable for customer service desks and till points. It also features thermal strip sensors for doorways and entry points to enable temperature checks; facial recognition for mask compliance; and unmanned robot technology similar to that launched at several airports in the Middle East.

Denz van der List

Christoph Henkel

One of the key product lines is a 1,000-litre container of high-quality hand sanitiser, produced by South African wines & spirits house Distell, enabling companies to access bulk quantities for easy operational servicing of dispensers in high traffic areas. The consortium only supplies in bulk to fulfil high-end continuous demand while simultaneously limiting the level of plastic waste entering the ecosystem.

for1314| a1dil | c3hristoph | d4enz will also represent the CoDi BOT UGV unmanned robot device, in association with ForTechnologies in Abu Dhabi.

Separately, the CoDi BOT UGV is being piloted from May throughout Abu Dhabi International Airport, including in staff areas and cargo facilities, as well as being used as part of the cabin desterilisation processes on passenger aircraft.

The range selection has prioritised ethically sourced, high-quality standard items from leading global product and tech partners, chosen for their alignment with the social principals of for1314. For example, several of the consortium’s suppliers collaborate with social-working ateliers in their supply chain, including the production of sustainably product packing.

Henkel and van der List concluded: “This is a global collaboration initiative that will restart the engines of critical global ecosystems. Easy access combined with moral pricing gives businesses an essential life-line: meaning operations can resume, people can get back to work, jobs can be saved, and eventually consumers will gain confidence to travel again. We, you, us – we all want to travel to see our friends and families again.”

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