From the Publisher: Martin Moodie examines Snowberry’s extraordinary story, tracing the journey from a schoolgirl’s dreams and potion-making talent in her native Iran to the creation of a world-class natural skincare brand in far-off New Zealand. One that would ultimately draw the attention of a powerful multi-national FMCG giant.


Bringing Snowberry’s natural solution to the world: P&G Global Skin Care President Markus Strobel and Snowberry Founder Soraya Hendesi reveal how a marriage between an entrepreneurial enterprise and a multi-national powerhouse came about; the principles of that marriage; and both partners’ aspirations for it.


How Snowberry ticked key consumer boxes in travel retail: We talk to P&G Global Travel Retail General Manager Shweta Sharma and Lagardère Travel Retail – Pacific Chief Executive Officer Przemyslaw (Pezemek) Lesniak about the build-up to and hopes for the Auckland Airport launch.


Entering a place of wonder: Come with us on a journey to the Snowberry Gardens, one of the world’s only skincare bio-discovery estates. Here, over 9,000 native New Zealand rainforest plants are cultivated, all backed by scientific rigour and influenced by Māori rongoā (traditional medicine).


Picture Gallery: We chronicle in words and pictures a uniquely Kiwi launch at Auckland Airport, featuring a stunning Snowberry high-profile activation and a stirring Maori pōwhiri welcoming ceremony.

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