Uplifting breaks

In the same way that self-treating can be justified after a journey, particularly if it has been a difficult one, having a break during that journey – some time out to recuperate or regroup thoughts – is also important to travellers.

Nestlé’s own KitKat brand is probably the world’s best known proponent of this theme. Its ‘Have a break, have a KitKat’ slogan fits neatly into the travel conversation, notes the brand owner. Its latest line in travel retail – KitKat Gold –

is tagged ‘break in style’ and underscores a more premium push by the brand.

Taking a ‘me’ moment during a journey can be enhanced by a food experience. This is a message that can be communicated by brands and retailers for this driver. Such moments are often a sit-down affair involving a drink and a snack, whether that is a coffee or tea and a cake or biscuit.

Taking a moment for me
during my journey enhanced by a
food experience

Correctly-sized or portioned confectionery should be the industry goal here. A stop in the departure lounge, often awaiting a gate number, is usually followed by another in the gate area before boarding – where purchases are likely to be from kiosks or vending machines.

Travel retailers can remind passengers far earlier in their journey – ideally inside the main duty free store – to pick up bite -size snacks or convenient, breakable tablets for these essential stops.

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December 2019

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