Experience and indulgence

Many people – especially millennials and younger age groups – feel they deserve to treat themselves to something more luxurious and indulgent from time to time – a step up from an everyday treat.

Travelling consumers who combine experience with indulgence are willing to try new things, are open to new flavours and ingredients, and may even value the experience more than the product/taste itself.

Nestlé categorises these consumers as Discerning

Discoverers and Sweet Indulgers who live for the moment. They might choose a small treat eaten at once, or something that can be eaten in portions over several ‘me time’ moments. On about 33% of those occasions they will consume alone.

To indulge themselves, passengers look for luxurious chocolates and biscuits such as L’Atelier or Valrhona, although they are also willing to try brands they already know but with a twist.

Products that give different sensorial experiences or extra luxury/indulgence on a known brand

To appeal to this consumer segment travel retailers and brands must offer a luxury experience and chocolate of the best quality; the more authentic or natural the better when it comes to ingredients. Trusted chocolatiers; artisanal or craft characteristics; and packaging with an emphasis on the product’s quality are a winning combination.

This may be one reason why the craft and artisan positioning is being used by confectionery companies of all sizes and across more of their product ranges including tablets.

Consumer insights

  • Indulgent treats account for 16% of the value of snacking chocolate
  • Indulgence is now more than just about the pleasure of the product – it is also about new experiences and the knowledge acquired along the way
  • For women, sensual imagery, text, textures, and packaging all point to pure indulgence
  • For men it’s about choosing something different (surprising flavour combinations, special packaging, textures and aromas) and better quality than the everyday
  • 32% of consumers are willing to pay more for handmade products when available

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December 2019

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