Give me a boost

Being tired, irritable or stressed can all be aspects of the travel experience – even for seasoned passengers. At these times, when a traveller feels deflated or exhausted, a quick energy boost or pick-me-up is sought – and confectionery has an obvious role to play.

Consumers can look for this boost in a number of ways. A reviving hot drink can do it, but so will a nutritional snack, or a straightforward sugar hit. Passengers are most likely to reach for snack-based products giving them some physical

and/or emotional fuel while they are on the move.

The purchase tends to be for themselves and for immediate consumption. Due to the nature of the need, these products can often be impulse-driven. Coupled with their price point advantage, travel retailers may also place them near the cash tills in their stores. They are also found at convenience stores, coffee shops and vending machines within airports.

Snack based products
giving the traveller physical and emotional fuel while on the move

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December 2019

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