A Partnership in Perfect Harmony

Welcome to the latest edition in the Moodie Davitt Spotlight Series eZine, our fourth in a series that highlights the creativity and storytelling prowess of Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Last year we placed our spotlight on the inaugural Designed by Aston Martin collection, a remarkable range of single malt Scotch whiskies born from the compelling partnership between Bowmore and luxury car brand Aston Martin.

The global travel retail-exclusive range comprises three outstanding single malt whiskies which have proved of huge appeal to fans of both British houses.

Now, we tell the story of that collaboration’s second chapter. Here, we explore how Bowmore and Aston Martin have peeled back the layers to reveal the shared values that have brought the seemingly disparate houses together for a second time.

We also shine the spotlight on the ARC-52, which Bowmore describes as ‘the pinnacle’ of its partnership with Aston Martin. The limited edition release is the first in a ground-breaking new series that underlines Bowmore’s global premiumisation drive.

Art, engineering, balance and precision are just some of the themes that underpin this latest collaboration, which promises an exciting progression from the inaugural release. Beam Suntory Global Travel Retail Managing Director Ashish Gandham discusses this ‘levelling up’ of innovation, storytelling and partnership in a fascinating interview. Gandham also underlines the important role of travel retail-exclusives in driving Bowmore’s post-pandemic recovery in the channel and why he believes blockbuster launches such as this will define the future of the spirits category.

Elsewhere, Beam Suntory Global Travel Retail Marketing Director Manuel González Soto talks insightfully about the spirits house’s cohesive and imaginative brand-building approach to travel retail.

The second release once again features the Bowmore 10, 15 and 18 Year Olds. However, this time it was inspired by three outstanding but very different cars in Aston Martin’s rich motor heritage: the Aston Martin 1922 GP TT2, AM V8 and Aston Martin 1959 DBR4. Each pairing tells a different tale of ingenuity and innovation.

In these pages, Bowmore Master Distiller Ron Welsh reveals his expert take on the craftsmanship behind the new expressions. Welsh also looks to the future and ponders his own legacy with Bowmore and how creative collaborations such as this have given him a new way of approaching his craft.

At first glance, Designed by Aston Martin Series 2 may seem like a sequel to the original release. Take a closer look and it is far more than that, as this exhilirating marriage slips, as it were, into top gear.

From the collection’s striking visual language to its ambitious roll-out plans, all brought to life here, we hope that these pages flow as smoothly as a fine Bowmore whisky and that the ride is every bit as exciting as that behind the wheel of an Aston Martin.

The Moodie Davitt Report Brands Editor & Digital Marketing Manager Hannah Tan-Gillies

Spotlight Series - August 2022

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