SK-II and CDFG offer next-level personalisation with ‘House of Miracles’ pop-up in Hainan

Global prestige skincare brand SK-II has partnered with China Duty Free Group (CDFG) to unveil ‘House of Miracles’, an interactive social retail pop-up store in Hainan. The physical pop-up is supported by a customisable gaming concept on WeChat. It is running at the Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex in Haitang Bay and the Haikou Mova Mall from 1-29 June. The O2O activation takes personalised skincare shopping to new heights, bringing shoppers on a journey to learn more about their skin and discover SK-II’s signature ingredient Pitera. Notably, the entire digital store design can be customised and is supported by an interactive gaming experience on WeChat. Commenting on the activation, Global SK-II CEO Sue Kyung Lee said: “We are pleased to partner with China Duty Free Group once again to bring our next generation social retail pop up store — the SK-II House of Miracles — to life in Hainan.

“We want to create a personal journey. This begins from personalising and gamifying the shopping experience on WeChat, to shoppers customising our storefront with “Miracle Drop” designs to offering personalised skin counselling and product recommendations.”

The Miracle Generator: O2O gamification

The experience begins digitally with The Miracle Generator. At the entrance, shoppers are invited to download the WeChat Mini Program digital companion, where they can collect and grow Miracles as they explore the physical store. They can also customise their Miracles while waiting in line to check out. The Miracles Tester Bar greets visitors as they enter the physical pop-up space. Designed as an ode to Pitera, the Miracle Chandelier and Tester Bar delights shoppers with a vibrant light celebration whenever a customer picks up a bottle of the hero skincare line.

The Miracle Scan: AI-powered skin analysis

The journey continues at The Miracle Scan zone, where shoppers can receive personalised skincare analyses using the ‘Magic Mini Scan’, SK-II’s innovative artificial intelligence-enabled contactless skin analysis tool. The Mini Magic Scan gives in-depth information on skin’s strength and potential, allowing users to unlock their skin age and receive personalised product recommendations. It works in under three minutes and can detect skin fluctuations and imbalances at a pixel level by homing in on three facial zones: the eyes, cheeks and mouth.

The Wall of Miracles: Tech-powered product discovery

Afterwards, shoppers visit The Wall of Miracles, where they learn about Pitera and SK-II hero products through engaging and intuitive eye-tracking technology. By simply looking at The Wall of Miracles, shoppers can discover more about Pitera and how it powers SK-II’s products.

The Miracle Broadcast: Digital store customisation

At check-out, shoppers are invited to scan their personalised Miracles from the WeChat Mini Program and broadcast them onto the store’s interactive digital LED screens. The floor-to-ceiling digital displays enable shoppers to adapt the store façade with their own customised Miracles – allowing for elevated personalisation across both the online and offline realms. According to SK-II, The House of Miracles pop-up underlines its commitment to retail innovation and to connecting with a new generation of luxury beauty consumers. To this end, SK-II has launched several House of Miracles pop-up stores in Hainan, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai. By delivering fun, immersive and highly-customisable skincare experiences, SK-II hopes to provide consumers with a more meaningful shopping experience, where they can be inspired by the power of Pitera and learn about their skin in a safe and engaging way.

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