In 2021, La Prairie embarked on a mission to recreate the golden hour glow from the Swiss Alps with its Pure Gold collection. Today, the Swiss prestige skincare house unveils the next chapter of the Pure Gold story – moving from the crown of the alps to the shores of Lac Léman for its latest innovation, the Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm. Skin regeneration and recovery reaches its peak at night but requires vast amounts of cellular energy. Stressed, tired and irritated skin lacks the cellular metabolism to fuel this regenerative process, resulting in the acceleration of the ageing process.

The Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm was designed to boost skin energy using a two-step approach. First, the Balm infuses the skin with a potent, energy-rich nutrient. The nutrient is a naturally derived biomimetic source of cellular energy, which helps compensate for the lack of energy that is characteristic of devitalised skin.

Second, La Prairie’s Pure Gold Diffusion System comes into play and amplifies the conversion of the nutrient. This multifaceted system boosts the optimal use of cellular energy needed to fuel the skin’s nightly regenerative processes.


The three-step ‘Pure Gold Diffusion’ system begins with the deposit of gold particles on the skin, followed by an infusion of replenishing active ingredients. The diffusion is completed with a steady release of active ingredients, attached to submicron gold particles. The ingredients penetrate the skin over time to support long-term skin reconstruction. As with all La Prairie products, the Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm features the Exclusive Cellular Complex that breathes new life and energy into the skin. The formula was inspired by La Prairie Founder Dr. Paul Niehans’ pioneering skin rejuvenation research at the Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, Switzerland. By empowering the skin’s natural nighttime renewal processes and the slow-release of replenishing active ingredients, the Pure Gold Nocturnal Balm restores the skin’s youth, giving way to a refreshed radiance in the morning. The Balm comes in a light-weight, champagne coloured formula in the same signature fragrance as the rest of the Pure Gold collection. Like the other products in the line, the balm is packaged in a replenishable vessel. The jar was fashioned as an ‘object d’art’ and features a brushed metal cap and casing. To open the jar, a sliding cover glides over in an arc, mimicking the sun’s daily movements and revealing the mineral-flecked marble Nocturnal Massage stone within.


The Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm was inspired by a peculiar nightly phenomenon, discovered in a special viewpoint above Lac Léman. The ancient, terraced vineyards in this rarefied location are surrounded by stone walls and are covered with lush vines. During the day, the bright sun warms the stone walls, with its rays reflecting on the waters of the lake. When the sun sets, the warmth that was captured by the stone seeps through its mineral core – allowing for the vines to thrive at night. La Prairie sought to recreate this natural phenomenon and harness the power of night with its latest Pure Gold innovation. The Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm comes with a Nocturnal Massage Stone. The stone, made from a single piece of sculpted marble, is used to massage the Nocturnal Balm into the skin through a special facial massage ceremony.

The marble stone stimulates microcirculation and boost lymphatic draining, infusing the skin with energy, nutrients and oxygen. It also relaxes the facial muscles, by releasing daily pent-up tension.

Spotlight Series - June 2022

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