The Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm is the latest addition to the Pure Gold Collection. The line features a unique system that helps to revitalise, replenish and enrich the skin. In addition to the Pure Gold Nocturnal Balm, the rest of the collection comprises the Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate, Pure Gold Radiance Cream and Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream. Each product features a delicate scent that was inspired by the summits of the Swiss Alps. The Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate smooths and refines skin texture, while the Radiance Cream enhances radiance, glow and deeply hydrates the skin. Finally, the Radiance Eye Cream hydrates and refreshes the delicate eye area. The Pure Gold range is packaged in a luxurious brushed metal casing and matching cap. The collection’s glass vials can also be replaced once empty, enhancing the line’s eco-credentials.

The collection has been equipped with the Pure Gold Diffusion System, which is a blend of four active ingredients. These are gold particles of an average size of 60 microns, spherical submicron particles of pure gold with a replenishing peptide, as well as the peptide and the polyphenol each in free form.

The System has been specifically designed to serve the needs of devitalised skin and to give back the glow and radiance of young skin by delivering three peaks of events to devitalised skin.

This process begins with the deposition of gold particles on the skin surface for immediate radiance. This is followed by an intense wave of two replenishing actives which penetrate into the skin to provide long-term skin reconstruction.

Afterwards, a gradual release of the two replenishing active ingredients from spherical submicron gold particles, allowing the nutrients to penetrate the skin and boost skin regeneration.

Spotlight Series - June 2022

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