The Moodie Davitt Report recently launched a new column, ‘Better moments make the world smile’ in association with Mars Wrigley International Travel Retail. In this feature we cast the spotlight on memorable human moments from around the world of travel, aviation and travel retail.

As travel returns, we are seeing many special, personal moments created by our industry and those that work within it. In this issue’s column, we focus on a superb initiative from the Brazilian airport industry, at Rio de Janeiro’s travel hub Galeão International. The smiles this time are provided by the children of workers at the airport, who accompanied their parents during October to uncover some of the delights of the airport environment as part of a special ‘Children’s Month’ event. With the support and planning of the airport operator RIOGaleão, four separate groups of children got the opportunity to get to know the airport up close and, above all, experience some unforgettable moments. A note from RIOGaleão said: “There were four groups of little ones who explored our space, got into airplanes, had contacts with animals and left here checking out on an extraordinary adventure.

“As a companion, we are amazed to be able to provide moments like this, uniting even more families and seeing these smiling faces – even if hidden by masks – is always special for RIOgaleão and motivating for our members. “Everyone was able to go back a little to being a child and be enchanted again with each corner of RIOgaleão and every little part of his own work, which gained a different glow after the visits of the little ones. “We want days like this to be repeated more and more, so that we can continue providing and living true connections and unforgettable moments!” How wonderful it would be to see more airports follow RIOGaleão’s example, immersing children in the airport world from a young age and generating all those smiles, like the ones we see in our photo gallery here. Initiatives like this generate memories that will remain for a long time for the children – tomorrow’s travellers – who experience it. We look forward to bringing you more heart-warming stories in this regular column as the recovery gathers momentum and as the return to travel generates more positive, human moments.

*If you work in the travel retail industry and wish to nominate a moment or event for our new ‘Better moments make the world smile’ column please email Dermot Davitt at

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The Moodie Davitt eZine Issue 303 | 17 November 2021

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