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Championing inclusivity, diversity and authenticity

Swedish beauty tech and wellness giant Foreo has delivered a strong message of inclusivity, diversity and authenticity with its latest launch. The company has released 100 limited-edition YOUnique Luna Devices, which were inspired by bold and beautiful individuals, nominated by fans, to become Foreo’s YOUnique Heroes. Foreo asked fans from around the world to identify inspiring individuals who have stood for gender equality, autism awareness, LGBTQ+ rights, mental health, and inclusivity. After hundreds of nominations, Foreo chose 5 YOUnique Heroes, who will each receive a special prize from the brand.

They include Louise ‘Neurodivergent Lou’, a 19 year-old autistic activist who documents her own autism journey to educate her followers about autism; gender-fluid fashion influencer Mark Bryan; poet Phoenix Pasquale, 14 year old LGBTQ+ activist Rebekah Bruesehoff and mom blogger Alexy Vivien. Foreo Founder and CEO Boris Trupcevic said: “There are only 100 of these limited-edition YOUnique Luna devices and each of them is an homage to all the amazing individuals out there fearlessly living their truth and unapologetically being their own version of beautiful — free of labels, limitations, and prejudice.”

Rule breaker, ground shaker: The limited release celebrates Foreo’s five YOUnique Heroes who stand for individuality, inclusivity and authenticity and live their lives “free of labels”

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