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Introducing Valentino Beauty Makeup

Valentino Beauty Makeup is positioned as a daring, expressive and inclusive face for the Italian brand, one that chimes with the demands of a new generation of beauty consumers. It offers a versatile, buildable range of cosmetics in a rainbow of hues inspired by the bold textures and colour codes of the Italian fashion house. The Valentino Beauty colour cosmetics range comprises the Rosso Valentino lipstick line, Very Valentino and Go-Cushion foundations, V-Lighter highlighter, Dreamdust High Impact Glitter and Eye Glitter, Eye2Cheek multi-use cream powder, Eye Shadow Colour-Flip, Twin Liner, Brow Trio and Magnificent Mascara, and the Go-Clutch beauty accessory. The makeup line was developed with high-performance ingredients equipped with ‘Light-Lasting technology’. The collection’s lightweight formulas are breathable, long-lasting and easy to wear, inspired by the graceful proportions and volumes of Pierpaolo Piccoli’s Couture’s runway shows. Valentino Beauty Makeup was developed in close collaboration with LA-based avant-garde makeup artist Raoul Alejandre, who imbued the collection with his own stamp of makeup artistry flair. The goal was to enable users to “create their own beauty dreams,” with many of the products offering multi-uses and multi-finishes. Alejandre’s ‘Triple Technique application’ is present throughout the range and means that each product can be used in three different ways, opening the opportunity for endless colour combinations and looks.

Rosso Valentino: Lipstick through the Valentino Lens

Rosso Valentino — the Maison’s extensive 50-shade collection of lipsticks — promises to reinvent the modern lipstick category. The collection offers a wide variety of intense, fully inclusive shades from subtle nudes and pale pinks to deep plums, bold reds and rich corals. The lipstick range was developed with ‘Roma-Light Complex’, a colour booster that enhances luminosity and intensity. Made from colour-boosting pearls, the patented complex enhances the radiance of each lipstick shade by refracting back the maximum amount of light, adding a glowing reflective sheen. Valentino Rosso offers two technology-driven lip textures, satin and matte. The satin texture is soft with an intense coloured payoff; while the matte texture delivers a creamy, velvet, blurred lip finish. The satin formula combines radiant pearls with coloured pearls; while the matte variation has been infused with mattifiers and gliding oils to ensure hydration and comfort, a feature rarely seen in traditional matte lipsticks.

Very Valentino and Go-Cushion: Inclusive shades with inclusive formulations

Very Valentino — the brand’s liquid foundation line — uses Light Lasting technology to deliver breathable, lightweight semi matte coverage that can last up to 24 hours. The foundation’s secret ingredient is ‘Floating Powder’ a feather-light ingredient that can absorb up to three-times its own weight. The Floating Powder has also been infused with a light-wear polymer that locks onto the skin, infusing it with hydrating glycerine. Very Valentino is available in 40 inclusive shades, which were developed using the brand’s extensive research on the skin tones of 5,000 different women from different races and across every content. Very Valentino’s inclusive formulations mean that each formula has been adapted to the typology of each shade, balancing colour-pay off with opacifying powder. To support the foundation line, Valentino Beauty is launching an AI-driven shade finder tool across its boutiques to help customers find the perfect Very Valentino foundation shade. A Virtual Mirror will also be rolled out to help shoppers explore the range and try different looks in a safe and contactless manner. The Go-Cushion Foundation is a satin powder that has also been equipped with Light Lasting technology. It is available in five shades and comes with a double-edged ultra-soft applicator for precise application.

V-Lighter: A multi-use radiance enhancer

V-Lighter uses ‘skinification’ principles to bring intense light and radiance to the skin. Skinification is the concept of incorporating skincare elements into non-skincare products. The multi-faceted V-Lighter has been infused with moisturising hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and illuminates the skin. In line with Alejandre’s Triple Technique application principles, the V-Lighter can be used three ways. It can be used on its own to hydrate the skin, as an illuminating primer underneath foundation or as a highlighter on top of the Very Valentino foundation to add a natural shine.

Dreamdust: A glittering finish

Valentino Beauty’s Dreamdust glitter is available in high impact lip glitter and multi-reflective eye glitter formats. The Dreamdust high impact glitter is a refined fool-proof glitter designed for the lips, which comes with its own integrated applicator. The Dreamdust Multi-Reflective Eye Glitter, inspired by Valentino’s latest runway looks, is available in four shades, blended in a clear creamy base that prevents fall out.

Eye2Cheek: Encapsulating Couture and Modernity

The Eye2Cheek is a seamless multi-use cream powder that can be applied as both a blush and eyeshadow. Eye2Cheek is available in 12 shades and is boosted by a patented technology that delivers pure colour payoff and coverage with guaranteed 12-hour wear.

Eye makeup with no rules

Valentino Beauty’s eye makeup range comprises the Eye Shadow Colour-Flip, Twin Liner, Brow Trio and Magnificent Mascara. The Colour Flip eyeshadow flips traditional eye-shadow application, honouring Maison Valentino’s ‘no-rules’ mantra. The multi-layered eyeshadow palette comprises a two-layered quad that offers a variety of colours, textures and shades that can be used individually, collectively or clashed. According to the brand, the Colour-Flip line is an invitation to experiment and break the rules of beauty. The double-ended Twin Liner features a liquid ink eye liner on one side and a smooth gel colour on the other, delivering maximum versatility and 16-hour long wear, while the brow trio offers a sheer liquid ink liner, shading pencil and brow brush in one. The triple ended brow product — the first of its kind in the brow filler category — is available in three shades and delivers a natural finish that can last up to 24 hours. Finally, the Magnificent Mascara is a weightless ultra-black mascara that adds volume with a single stroke. The mascara’s curled fibre brush gives all-day feather-light coverage that magnifies the eyes and increases lash volume by up to 15x.

Valentino Go-Clutch: Couture Beauty On-the-Go

The makeup line also sees the return of the Valentino Go Clutch, which originally made its runway debut in Valentino’s spring summer 2017 couture show. The Go Clutch — a mini-clutch compact case with chain — represents the stylish intersection between fashion and beauty and envisions the compact case as a fashion accessory. Each Go Clutch houses a MiniRosso lipstick tube and Valentino Beauty powder. The MiniRosso lipstick can be alternated to suit one’s mood. The face powder offers a highly sensorial creamy natural finish that is ideal for on-the-go touch-ups. The Go Clutch powder is available in six different shades, in satin or matte finishes, as well as a bronzer.

A desirable fashion accessory

The Valentino Beauty Makeup line features bright, colourful tones from peridot greens, bright corals, rich blues, sunny yellow and vibrant pink, reflecting some of the most memorable beauty looks from Piccioli’s haute couture runways. One of Maison Valentino’s most significant colours is red, a dramatic hue that offers endless interpretations in the worlds of both fashion and beauty. Here, red is interpreted as ‘Valentino Rosso’ a special deep fuchsia hue specially chosen by Piccoli to be the common denominator across the entire makeup line. Valentino Rosso is the main colour for the collection’s packaging, which combines the bright red shade with metallic gold details. The packaging conveys the look of a desirable luxury fashion accessory with the brand’s V logo embossed in gold. In addition, all the lipsticks and compacts are fully refillable in line with the maison’s sustainable commitments. The Rosso Valentino lipstick packaging features a distinctive V-shaped bullet, developed for precise application. The refillable case also offers endless possibility of changing colours minus the waste of single-use lipstick tubes.

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