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“A differentiated Japanese beauty experience”

In a landmark moment for the Japanese skinkare brand, and a statement of its faith in the travel channel, Shiseido Travel Retail last month revealed a new flagship boutique at Tokyo Haneda Airport. The standalone T3 store, designed around the concept of ‘A Moment of the Beautiful Journey’, is a partnership with Japan Airport Terminal Co. Shiseido Travel Retail noted that the opening reflects a commitment to offering travellers enhanced digitalisation, personalisation and product exclusivity, all key values in the modern age. Designed to help travellers experience “the best journey with the best skin”, the boutique offers a wide selection of Shiseido’s skincare and beauty products, digital tools and services, with many available exclusively at Tokyo Haneda Airport.

Customers can engrave their purchases with exclusive ‘Karakusa’ designs at the flagship

The space is divided into three main areas: Personal Beauty Zone, Discovery Zone and Gift Zone. Shiseido Travel Retail President & CEO Philippe Lesné said: “This important travel retail boutique embodies the best of Shiseido and travellers will have the opportunity to discover the brand through a series of new consumer experiences in a luxurious pre-flight environment, available only at Haneda Airport. “We are grateful to Japan Airport Terminal Co for their support, trusted partnership and commitment, and look forward to further building our collective success together.”

Personal Beauty Zone

The My Beauty Lounge enables customers to have “the best journey with the best skin”, offering a tranquil space to remove makeup and apply their pre-flight skincare routines

The Personal Beauty Zone features the company’s first ‘My Beauty Lounge’ service in travel retail. Inspired by Shiseido’s ‘Omotenashi’ [a Japanese style of hospitality and sustainability], the lounge invites travellers to remove their makeup and apply their Shiseido skincare routines pre-flight. At the lounge, travellers can interact with digital content via an iPad which shares ‘how-to’ videos, product information, skincare recommendations and a menu of treatments that customers can experience exclusively at the boutique.

The Discovery Zone

The Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate III, the latest expression of the hero range, takes centre stage at the Ultimune Gate

Sense of place: Inspired by Shiseido’s ‘omotenashi’ principles, the boutique offers traditional Japanese ‘Furoshiki’ gift-wrapping with designs exclusive to the boutique

The Discovery Zone features the ‘Ultimune Gate’, which features prominently at the store entrance. The gate’s striking design features countless overlapping lines that express the skin’s vitality and dynamism. Travellers are encouraged to try the new Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate III through a contactless auto-tester device. In addition, the display features a selection of travel and boutique-exclusive sets catering to different seasonal needs and gifting occasions. As reported, the serum is the latest expression of its best-selling Ultimune line and has been enhanced with cutting-edge Lifeblood technology. Also featured in the Discovery Zone is the Beauty Table, which leverages digital technology and enables travellers to discover Shiseido’s latest beauty innovations in a contactless way. The table features Shiseido’s Makeup Simulator, Digiskin Tester and Skin Visualizer tools. The Skin Visualiser is the brand’s first-ever touch-free, over-the-counter device that can analyse the skin’s beauty circulation without users having to remove their makeup. The My Select Wall is the boutique’s most prominent area. It showcases an extensive line of core Shiseido products, travel exclusives and promotional items. It is highlighted with a large LED monitor playing dynamic brand film and photo content.

Digitally enhanced contactless experiences: The Beauty Table offers a suite of digital tools that enable contactless makeup try-on and skin analysis

The Gift Zone

At the Gift Zone, customers can purchase travel retail-exclusive gift sets and have their purchases wrapped in original ‘Furoshiki’ designs. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese gift-wrapping method. The packaging is completed with an original Shiseido ‘Karakusa’ [Arabesque] airplane pattern which is available exclusively at the boutique. Customers can also personalise their Shiseido products through the on-site engraving service with the exclusive Haneda Airport design or choose to engrave a special message on the product. Shiseido Travel Retail Japan Vice President Tatsuya Nagai said: “The launch of the Shiseido boutique is a significant milestone for the brand in travel retail Japan, as we aim to further engage and expand our loyal consumer base. “We are proud to celebrate the core philosophy of Shiseido through our carefully curated skin beauty products, exclusive services and traditional Japanese offerings that add a distinct sense of place to Haneda Airport, such as our one-of-a-kind furoshiki designs.” Nagai added: “With digital interactive tools and contactless testers, travellers can be assured of high hygiene standards and shop with a peace of mind. We invite them to make the boutique a must-visit stop on their journey.”

The My Select Wall is the most prominent area in the boutique and offers all of Shiseido’s best-selling products and travel retail exclusives


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