Beauty Tech Live review


Welcome to our special review of Beauty Tech Live, the pioneering virtual event that brought together the joint worlds of beauty and technology on 12-16 April. Organised by The Moodie Davitt Report and BW Confidential (with event curation by FILTR.QINGWA), the event addressed how the beauty industry is acting to keep pace with the digital transformation of the world around us. As the first virtual expo of its kind in the sector, it thrust the latest tech innovations and solutions from the beauty category into the spotlight. As the many superb speakers in our Knowledge Hub sessions noted, tech is a transformative force in the world of beauty and retail, with impact on how brands develop new products, how they and their retailer partners sell to consumers and with big implications for sustainability practices among all companies. In the pages ahead we present highlights of the keynote sessions and selected panels that will resonate not only with a beauty audience but across travel retail too. Click here for our day-by-day coverage across the ‘live’ show week. Please enjoy our review of this pioneering digital event.

The first-time event delivered excitement and engagement in the joint worlds of beauty and tech


The Moodie Davitt eZine Issue 295 | 18 May 2021

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