Louis Vuitton

– the ultimate
luxury drawcard

The Louis Vuitton store at Daxing International is one of a mere handful of airport stores opened by the great French luxury house. And it is – and will likely remain – the only one in a domestic terminal. That speaks volumes for how the LVMH brand company perceives the scale of the opportunity here – and the lustre of the environment.

This is as much a statement as a store. A statement that Louis Vuitton sees Daxing as an epic showcase for the vast nation of China, one which millions of Chinese citizens will view in coming years.

Reflecting that status, Louis Vuitton has created a store that blends seamlessly into the magnificent architecture all around it, yet stands out as arguably the anchor attraction. Its digital facade is both elegant and sensational (you have to see the store from on high and from nearby to understand the unlikely convergence of adjectives), its interior and merchandising refined and vibrant.

Spotlight Series

March 2020

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