Art, Architecture,
a Sense of Place,
and a Sense of Wonder

Besides its architectural splendour, Daxing International houses an array of outstanding art works and other features that lend the airport a unique cultural identity.

Here we present a Picture Gallery of some of the many standouts and also capture some of the human moments played out daily at this great airport.

Love is the most uplifting and universal of human emotions, a premise beautifully expressed in this installation, which enunciates the word love in a myriad of languages.

Art, like love, knows no boundaries. This striking installation combines a delightful artistic flourish with the pragmatism of showing multiple time zones.

Daxing features a series of themed outdoor gardens, some featuring magnificent traditional Chinese buildings

The words say it all. This compelling installation not only affirms the airport’s green credentials but also Beijing’s pivotal place in the world.

Spotlight Series

March 2020

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