Foreword by Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths

"Airports have become the crossroads of global convergence. They reflect, and project, the vibrancy and character of nations, cities and communities, and contribute economically and socially to human progress."


From the Publisher, Martin Moodie

"Airports are melting pot of nationalities and personalities; a fusion of business and pleasure; a whirring blend of human sentiments from the joy you see in arrivals to the sadness one so often witnesses in departures."


Foreword by ACI World Director General Angela Gittens

"Of the 10 million people that aviation directly employs globally, six million are situated at airports."


Airports as Artports

Airports should reflect the culture, crafts, heritage, history, tastes and traditions of their city, region or country. Many airports do that through thrilling exhibitions (temporary or permanent) of local artworks.


A special focus on the twin airports of Dubai Airports, this edition's sponsor: Dubai International and Dubai World Central


A Celebration of Airports A-Z

Conceived and edited by Martin Moodie

Design by Ray Heath

Logo by Katsuo

Contributors: Sinead Moodie, Dermot Davitt, Jason Holland, Colleen Morgan

Publisher: Irene Revilla

With thanks to PPS Publications for additional photos.

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