Airports K-N

Keflavík Airport

The Jet Nest, by Icelandic artist Magnús Tómasson, is a striking feature at Iceland’s Keflavik Airport. The symbolic steel sculpture depicts a large steel egg, with the wing of a ‘new-born’ jet aircraft hatching, breaking out. A metaphor, perhaps, for this rapidly growing airport?

“I love flying; I love aircraft, and you could say I've had a love affair with flight since I was a child.”

– Sir Norman Foster

Kempegowda Bangalore International Airport

The rapid pace of growth in Indian travel shows no signs of slowing down, and many airports have undergone expansion as a result – including Kempegowda Bengaluru International. The expansion of Terminal 1 not only repositions India’s third busiest airport in the country as an important hub for international travellers, it redefines the entire passenger journey.

The terminal’s elegantly curved roof serves as the unifying element for the new and existing facilities, creating a strong physical presence and visual identity.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

A forest within an airport, Kuala Lumpur International’s ‘Jungle Boardwalk’ showcases Malaysia’s natural heritage. The waterfall may be man-made but the trees, birds and beauty are not. This is a stunning example of a memorable airport experience.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

"Imagine all the people, living for today": Liverpool John Lennon Airport's strapline is ‘Faster. Easier. Friendlier’, and there is a definite focus on a positive passenger experience. The airport name is hugely evocative too, from the writer of one of the most awe-inspiring peace songs of all time.

London City Airport

London City Airport may not be the largest in the UK’s capital – but it is the most centrally-located. This breathtaking image shows how the airport’s single 1,500m (4,900ft) long runway is situated by the River Thames and close to the twin centres of London's financial industry, the City of London and Canary Wharf.

“All human life can be found in an airport”

– David Walliams

Los Angeles International

Los Angeles International is currently undergoing a vast modernisation programme as operator Los Angeles World Airports aims to create an airport for the future. The present is pretty good too, though. The impressive 72ft Digital Clock Tower in the Tom Bradley International Terminal offers a four-sided digital platform and an extraordinary way to attract travellers’ attention. [Photo: PPS Publications]

McCarran International Airport

McCarran International Airport is located in the shadows of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip; it's a sound bet to deliver a good experience given recent investment and the many retail and food & beverage options available. McCarran International is the gateway for nearly half of those who visit Southern Nevada each year.

Melbourne Airport

Combining Sense of Place with shopping therapy, Melbourne Airport’s T2 Luxury Precinct brings the city’s retail and hospitality offering to life in 11 high-end stores and five Melbourne-based restaurants and cafes. The interior design features 350 gold-plated panels to pay homage to Melbourne’s most iconic buildings.

Midway International Airport

Chicago's Midway International Airport is home of the world's busiest square mile for incoming and departing airline flights. The airport is in the midst of a three-year, US$75 million modernisation programme which will see the total concessions area increase from 44,000sq ft to 70,000sq ft.

Munich Airport

A hole in the wall has taken on a whole new meaning at Munich Airport. To accommodate the Airbus A380, the world’s largest aircraft, the airport has installed custom-made hangar doors which close around the plane leaving the tail fin sticking outside of the hangar. Before the doors were made the giant planes could only be serviced with the doors left open, leaving maintenance staff shivering on wintery days. Now it’s just the Airbus A380’s tail that is left out in the cold.

Muscat International Airport

This magnificent stage was created on the apron at Muscat International for the airport's Grand Opening in November. Flight schedules were even moved to accommodate the event. The opening event reflected on Oman’s journey as a country, and the new gateway’s place in the life of the nation, all displayed on three vast screens built at one of the piers.

Narita International Airport

Gathering place: Tokyo's Narita International Airport is a haven for plane spotters. An observation deck in Terminal 1 spans the entire length of the 4,000m runway and is fitted with telescopes and openings for photography. There are also two observation areas in Terminal 2. [Photo: PPS Publications]

Nice-Côte d'Azur Airport

A panoramic view of Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur – surely one of the world's most beautiful and spectacular backdrops to a takeoff or landing.

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