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Welcome to The Front Line, a regular feature championing the best in industry customer service, sponsored by Speyside blended malt whisky Copper Dog. Copper Dog is delighted to recognise the exceptional employees who are ultimately responsible for bringing all facets of the airport retail experience to life.

Each issue The Moodie Davitt e-Zine scours the world to introduce the real heroes of our industry – those who go the extra mile every day when serving the travelling public. Dubai Duty Free Gucci beauty advisor Than Htike Moe wakes up every day motivated and inspired and is an exceptional team player.

Employee: Than Htike Moe

Role: Beauty advisor

Employer: Dubai Duty Free

Time in job: Six years

Employer’s comments: Than Moe hails from Myanmar and joined Dubai Duty Free in 2012. As a member of sales staff, she has shown a keen interest in learning and developing her selling and interpersonal skills. Nine months after joining the company she became a beauty advisor for Gucci perfumes and cosmetics.

Than Moe provides excellent customer service and is a courteous and approachable person. She has received several commendations from our customers for excellent service. She also received the ‘Gotcha’ stars award for attaining the highest sincerity rating of 10 for outstanding customer service.

In July 2014, Than Moe was awarded the ‘Employee of the Month’ award. She is an exceptional team player and has been a great example to her teammates.

Than Moe’s comments: “It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion come together. Every day when I wake up, I feel motivated and inspired knowing that I work for a company that cares, appreciates and rewards its staff for the efforts they put in. It has been a privilege working with this company and I am thankful to Dubai Duty Free for giving me the opportunity to grow my skills and be part of this happy family.”

To nominate an employee e-mail with the following:

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  • A short description of what makes the person exceptional
  • A quote or comment from them (optional) on their approach to customer service
  • A picture of the employee (preferably in a work environment) as a separate file

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The Moodie Davitt e-Zine | Issue 247 | 24 September 2018