Dior’s Ode to the Rose

By Olivier Dubos, Senior Vice President Travel Retail, Parfums Christian Dior

To conclude this special edition and to underline the strength of the partnership between Dior and China Duty Free Group, we recap one of 2019’s most stellar travel retail moments in travel retail. Prestige was the word and Prestige the focus for Parfums Christian Dior with a world-first at Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 2 last May.

Thumbs up for an emphatic statement of Prestige from the Dior, China Duty Free Group and Beijing Capital International Airport management

“We wanted this boutique to be unique. It’s the first of its kind in the world and we wanted to offer a full immersion into our premium skincare range, Prestige.” The words of Parfums Christian Dior Travel Retail Marketing Manager Marine Guillaume-Blanchet summed up the depth of ambition that underpinned the beauty house’s stand-alone offer within the eight-strong cluster of luxury beauty boutiques opened in association with China Duty Free Group at Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 2 in May 2019.

“The codes are golden and pink, with a little twist of white, so you can see a warm environment, very inviting, and a choice of very luxurious furniture that has been chosen,” added Parfums Christian Dior Operational Marketing Manager Travel Retail Asia Jessica Bergdoll. “It’s also very couture-inspired because we are, of course, a house of fashion and cosmetics.

“The idea is for you to feel very welcome and to immediately understand the different steps in the routine of Prestige.”

Ms Bergdoll described Prestige as an “ode to the rose”, one that affirms the flower’s antioxidant and regenerating properties.

Digital elements in the boutique add a touch of modernity and storytelling about the rose, how Prestige is extracted, and the benefits for skin.

“For passengers who have a little bit of time, we invite them to sit in our consultation area to benefit from complimentary services such as hand massage and application tips. With the skin analyser, within seconds we can scan your skin and get an understanding of your needs? What would be the best regimen for you?”

“The point of this environment is to have a haven for Prestige”

“We wanted to offer a full immersion into the world of Prestige because it’s so unique, so amazing, and so fascinating to see that so much goodness can be taken out of very natural ingredients such as the rose,” added Ms Guillaume-Blanchet.

“So far, we’ve had an extremely positive response. This is a never-seen-before store and it’s driving a lot of interest from our customers. They are amazed by the level of expertise of the brand also in skincare. So this is a very encouraging sign for us to develop the awareness of the brand around its skincare expertise.”

Oliver Salmon, who serves as Vice President Travel Retail China (along with certain other key Asian markets) noted

that the boutique concept shows how far travel retail has progressed in China. “What is fantastic is that we are going one step ahead in developing the customer experience in a different way than just a general cosmetics store where you do not have the qualitative consultation.

“Within this environment of a new skincare boutique we can really provide outstanding customer experience in the biggest category, which in China is skincare. At Christian Dior, we are super happy about that. We are putting a lot of effort into understanding the key drivers of the local market for Dior and bringing them to travel retail to optimise the customer experience.”

Speaking at the memorable evening’s celebrations that followed the opening, Ms Guillaume-Blanchet said, “We have witnessed how fast the CDF Group has managed the total transformation of the duty free retail landscape in China and led it to excellence thanks to innovation, dedication and passion.”

The Prestige range is only available in the boutique and not in the main CDF-Sunrise Duty Free store. “The point of this environment is to have a haven for Prestige,” Ms Bergdoll concluded. “The whole space is dedicated to the staging of Dior Prestige. For us, it’s a very big first and we’re very proud.”


Spotlight Series • June 2020

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