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KrisShop adds three new brand stores to its extensive omnichannel offer, each sharing a common theme – homegrown, passionate founders and great brand stories.

KrisShop, which started out as the inflight duty free shop of Singapore Airlines, has since evolved beyond the inflight catalogue with a flagship ecommerce and lifestyle portal. The KrisShop brand was relaunched in 2019 following the striking of a joint venture between Singapore Airlines, ground handler SATS, and duty free retailer 3Sixty (previously DFASS Group), and now features an extensive online offer that combines global brands with strong local flavour in its gifting range.

“All three brands share a common theme: homegrown, passionate founders and great brand stories,” said KrisShop CEO and Shopkeeper Chris Pok.

Skin Inc, Skin Supplement Bar: A game-changing player in the skincare industry that converges beauty with technology*. Founded in 2008 as a pioneer in customised skincare, Skin Inc is the world’s first Skin Supplement Bar which offers customisable skincare solutions to help individuals to create an effective and fuss-free regimen tailored to each individual’s skin needs. Its philosophy is “one-size-fits-one” and not “one-size-fits-all”, putting consumers in control of their skincare.

Scene Shang is a contemporary furniture, homeware and lifestyle label based in Singapore. Shaped to the semblance of 1930s Shanghai in all its former Art Deco glory, the brand evokes “an era replete with blooming exuberance and unapologetic luxuries”. Its aesthetic blends classic Chinese elements and modern day sensibilities that sit on the crossroads of East and West.

Bynd Artisan offers consumers a wide range of options to put together uniquely customised creations. From luxurious paper and leather gifts, to adding a personal touch with initials or a favourite quote, consumers can create a variety of gifts.

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