Virtual Travel Retail Expo: Wine, Spirits & Beer

Dynamism in drinks: Wine, Spirits & Beer at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo

In this section we bring you exhibitor highlights of Virtual Travel Retail Expo week, showing the creativity and channel commitment of our wines, spirits and beer partners.


The leading drinks group took an ambitious, multi-faceted approach to the Virtual Travel Retail Expo, led by its premium category leaders Bacardí rum, Patrón tequila, Grey Goose vodka and Bombay Sapphire gin. It also emphasised its commitment to digital commerce in travel retail, product innovation, premiumisation and retail advocacy as the drivers behind increased transaction spend.

Highlights included the launch of Bombay Bramble gin, a focus on the super-premium tequila category in a memorable Engagement Lounge session, and a discussion of disruption in whisky. Access a fascinating talk between whisky specialist Becky Paskin, Bacardi Malts Brand Ambassador Matthew Cordiner and Dewar’s Brand Ambassador Fraser Campbell in our video on this page.

Click here to visit Bacardi.

Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Family-owned wine company Baron Philippe de Rothschild sought to give impetus to the wine sector’s burgeoning status in travel retail with a series of new additions for the channel, across its Mouton Cadet and Escudo Rojo ranges in particular.

Its elegant virtual showcase highlighted both brands neatly in video, images and words.

Click here to visit Baron Philippe de Rothschild.

Barton & Guestier

Pay a (virtual) visit to the French wine house and discover the almost 300-year-old history of Barton & Guestier, founded by Irishman Thomas Barton. Through a series of evocative videos learn more about the Burgundian traditions of Patriarche or the beautifully titled ‘Vive la vie’ philosophy of Veuve du Vernay.

Visit Barton & Guestier here.

Bauer Spirits

Austrian distiller Bauer Spirits presented its broad and varied brand line-up at the virtual event, with a range that traverses its own schnapps and liqueurs, but also includes Stroganoff vodka, Burschik vermouth plus The Stin and LAW gins.

Ibizan spirit LAW brings both craft and a sense of fun to the market, as the video on this page shows.

Click here to visit Bauer Spirits.

Beam Suntory

“A blend of the past, present and future” is how Beam Suntory terms the release of Jim Beam travel retail exclusive expression, Lineage, the first collaboration with seventh-generation Beam Family Master Distiller Fred Noe, and his son Freddie Noe. A special session in the Engagement Lounge at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo told the story behind the one-of-a-kind whiskey, straight from the birthplace of bourbon in Kentucky, US (video right).

The company underlined its commitment to travel retail with another channel exclusive, Suntory World Whisky Ao, a blend from renowned distilleries in Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the US. The name Ao, meaning blue, refers to the oceans that connect the five countries.

President of Brands Jessica Spence made one of the most timely and important presentations of the week (see our Knowledge Hub highlights page) about women in leadership and in the drinks industry, a session we were proud to have hosted.

Click here to visit Beam Suntory.

Campari Group

“Welcome to Campari Group. Fasten your seat belts and prepare to take off” said the drinks company as it whisked visitors to Italy, the home of Aperol Spritz; Scotland and its Glen Grant whisky, and to Kentucky for a taste of Wild Turkey bourbon. Campari offered engagement and theatre aplenty alongside virtual tastings with its Global Brand Ambassador Davide Fornasiero in a superb Engagement Hub session.

Click here to visit Campari Group.

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