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How would you like to see industry partnerships evolve as we enter a new era for travel and travel retail?

L’Occitane Group Managing Director Travel Retail, Export, B2B & Spa Worldwide Aline Valantin: This context offers a chance to reset and emerge with business models that are mutually supportive, collaborative and financially viable. The crisis showed us the necessity of having flexible commercial agreements, which rewards performance when business is up and permits us to share the risks when business collapses like today. I believe that post-COVID partnerships should better reflect the reality of the market and the traffic. Why not focus on clear retail KPIs such as conversion rate, ATV to build future partnerships?

Aline Valantin

Clara Bae (TonyMoly): Partnership is the key word. Landlords, retailers and brands need to work together to ensure that there is indeed a new era in travel retail. Working in isolation benefits no one, sharing data and getting closer to the customer is key for innovation and in boost sustained growth. It is important to look towards the future in these challenging times, set a better way of working and to collaborate essentially.

Elena and Giulia Sella (Make Sure): We hope to see a new era of travel retail marked by creativity and synergy, as we aim to create custom-made solutions with potential travel retail partners. By relying on our design and experience pillars, we wish to connect, communicate and collaborate through personalised projects, merchandising, pop-ups and digital design.

Our strategy is one which aims to cater to each individual partner, yet simultaneously enhance the global message and desire for #CleanVibesOnly all over the world.

Sid Katari

Sid Katari (Oribe): Because of the constantly changing landscape, we are looking for our partnerships to evolve into a true omnichannel presence, including online sales. It is important that we are still able to reach and bring value to the consumer as we explore new ways to shop in the current environment without compromising the quality of their experience. Again, this is why we are being very intentional in selecting the partners we choose to work with to develop and realise the opportunity for the brand and the category that we know exists in the travel retail industry.

Neil Ebbutt (Rituals): Despite the very troubling and uncertain times we are facing we remain firm believers in the Trinity model. As we have worked with our partners throughout this crisis, I have been truly inspired and humbled by the openness and spirit of collaboration displayed by many of them. Moving forward I hope that we can maintain the willingness and speed to innovate, the open dialogue and human side of partnerships.

Nicolas Rimeau (Filorga): More than ever industry partners have to put their work together. The Trinity model is a formidable base to succeed in indulging people to rediscover the pleasure of travelling, and the pleasure of shopping in travel retail. We are fully mobilised and committed to play our part as a brand toward entering a new prosperous era for travel retail.

Nicolas Rimeau

Sandrine Tesnière (Johnson & Johnson): The Covid-19 pandemic has unravelled the travel retail industry and as mentioned before, levelled the playing field. We are all on ground-zero, and this is a shake-up. Moving forward, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate, have more open discussions, and information sharing between stakeholders, and exploring ways to rebuild travel retail. Transparency, data sharing, and a heightened focus on digitalisation will be critical to travel retail’s recovery.

Eric Armengou and Hugo Rovira (Haan): Big and small retailers have to adapt their offer to this new era. Travel retail plays a very important role in raising awareness and reducing the transmission of any type of virus. This also means including hygiene and personal care products in the travel retail offer. Having different proposals (from brands to prices) for any kind of traveller is key. For us, it is also important that our travel retail partners share our social commitment. We want them to transform into water creators and become a part of our purpose. We want to see how the wider industry can come together to make a better world.

Haan: Sharing social commitment to create a better world

Javier Estrada and Carla Armengou (Beter): We would like to take part in an industry based on collaborative long-term partnerships between all travel retail stakeholders. These partnerships should focus on boosting traveller confidence and giving travelling customers added value. We believe that this will ensure the long-term sustainability of the channel.

Miriam Ciantar (Baroque & Rose): I see many innovative solutions to tackle the impact of COVID-19. The post-pandemic travel retail industry is still a place of progress. So many aspects of our businesses and partnerships are going to change. I believe partnerships between brands, airlines, and retailers will be more equal and democratic after the crisis.

Christine Keeling

Christine Keeling (Long Haul Spa): We are pretty new to this space and don’t have a long history or profound understanding of the way that things work. However, from what we have experienced, we believe this may be a great opportunity to reset and rebalance. When it costs brands money to sell, it looks to me like a broken model. There is no one point of issue here – the problem is systemic and needs to be changed for the industry to recover.

L’Occitane eyes the digital opportunity

L’Occitane recently launched an online consultation service via Zoom to engage with customers. We asked how else the company is embracing digital mediums in its communications. Managing Director Travel Retail, Export, B2B & Spa Worldwide Aline Valantin says: “Digital combined with our retail expertise helped us to engage more with our loyal customers and to recruit new L’Occitane fans, especially in this post-COVID context. This brilliant online project went live at the beginning of August in our UK affiliate. They had great results with only six beauty advisors integrated in the project from now on. “With consumers spending less time shopping in airports following COVID-19, digital can help us to explore untapped opportunities. “Initiatives are already on in this super-fast evolving environment and L’Occitane is already part of this journey in travel retail. We had more than ten social selling projects so far (mainly live streaming in APAC) and more than ten up and coming (including test and learn projects in EMEA & Americas). We are also working in close partnership with retailers to increase our e-presence on online websites and on social media and ready to listen to opportunities on innovative digital projects.”

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