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In an important step forward, and in answer to an urgent need, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports have introduced a new oxo-biodegradable security bag to screen passenger goods.

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AGS Airports has become the first UK airport group to trial a new oxo-biodegradable security bag. The 100ml sustainable bags, created by partner Enviro-Point, are available free of charge to passengers in the security areas at Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports.

By introducing the oxo-biodegradable version, AGS Airports aims to replace more than two million single-use plastic bags used each year across the group.

According to AGS Airports, the bags will begin to degrade over a period of time – between 17 and 24 months – down to a natural biomass rather than the more damaging microplastics associated with single-use alternatives. Each bag can also be reused and recycled prior to the beginning of the degrading period.

AGS airports Chief Operating Officer Mark Johnston says: “We are proud to be the first group to trial these new oxo-biodegradable security bags, which will significantly reduce single-use plastic consumption across our three airports.

“Finding a suitable alternative that met both our security and operational requirements while retaining the necessary resilience the bags require was a challenge. So we’re really pleased to be able to trial a product that can not only be re-used and recycled, but also provides our passengers with the assurance that they are also supporting our efforts to support the environment.”

The switch to the new product is the latest sustainable initiative introduced to help reduce AGS Airports’ carbon footprint.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle: AGS Airports is testing the bags at three UK locations

AGS Airports Chief Operating Officer Mark Johnston joins Sustainability Manager Kirsty Webster to test the bags at Glasgow Airport

Last year, Glasgow became the first airport to introduce a fleet of three Scottish-built electric buses to its operation. AGS Airports has also joined over 200 airports across Europe in signing ACI Europe’s NetZero 2050 pledge: a commitment to achieving net zero for the carbon under our control by 2050.

As noted, the new bags have been introduced in partnership with Enviro-Point, a subsidiary of airport service company Luggage-Point.

Enviro-Point Chief Executive Graeme Stewart says: “Despite the current challenges facing the aviation industry, it is vital that we do not lose sight of environmental issues and as AGS has demonstrated, positive changes can still be made during these difficult times. I hope to witness further airports making the same positive change by introducing Enviro-Point oxo-biodegradable liquid bags, as small changes can often have the largest impact.

“Oxo-biodegradable bags provide a ‘fail safe’ should the item not be recycled, as the product begins to oxo biodegrade automatically wherever oxygen is present and will be completely bio-assimilated after 24 months.”

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