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Camus goes digital and disruptive

Camus Cognac is taking a disruptive approach to showcasing its family of brands at the inaugural Virtual Travel Retail Expo in October (12-16).

A Platinum-Plus partner, the company will unveil the world’s first ever Virtual Cognac Lab at the event’s Engagement Lounge on 15 October.

Virtual Cognac Lab: Virtual meets reality for Camus at the Engagement Lounge on 15 October

The Virtual Cognac Lab will offer an interactive masterclass, hosted by Camus Global VIP Ambassador Frederic Dezauzier, accompanied by a bespoke physical tasting kit. The masterclass will also take guests on a (digital) multi-sensorial journey through the production processes of Camus’s ‘Intensely Aromatic Cognacs’ core range.

The experience will take visitors on a virtual tour of Camus’s vineyards, distilleries, and ageing cellars. It will also offer a deconstructed tasting of various Camus Cognac expressions. Attendees will also discover different winemaking, distillation and ageing techniques and how this can greatly influence the taste of Cognac. Throughout the virtual experience, visitors will be called to smell, touch and taste the various elements of the physical tasting kit.

Journalists, sales distributors and bloggers are free to attend the Virtual Cognac Lab. Two options for registration are available via the link below.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Option 1 9:00 AM (London), 10:00 AM (Paris), 11:00 AM (Moscow), 4:00 PM (Beijing)

Option 2 11:00 AM (New York), 4:00 PM (London), 5:00 PM (Paris), 6:00 PM (Moscow)

Besides its acclaimed Cognac range, relaunched in 2019 featuring a new, upscale brand platform and a range of new generation Cognacs, Camus will also be showcasing the famous Kweichow Moutai baijiu, and the exciting Spirit of China concept.


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