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Leveraging the CDFG launchpad

In the following pages we feature some of the most impactful brand campaigns and eye-catching launches and openings in travel retail, led by the dynamic China market. We begin with an uplifting, dynamic activation at CDF Mall in Haitang Bay, Sanya, which celebrated the launch of Shiseido’s new Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming range. We also feature L’Oréal and Luxottica campaigns from the same location, a fresh twist on Cognac tasting from Camus and look at how Dubai Duty Free is bringing luxury to life at DXB.

With Hainan Island travel retail’s global hotspot today, China Duty Free Group’s (CDFG) Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex has reinforced its status as the most sought after launchpad for brand campaigns, notably in beauty and luxury.

The dynamic animation was a showcase of seamless omnichannel elements, underpinned by a 360-degree marketing campaign, KOL livestreams, and targeted digital advertising on CDFG’s own social media channels.

Shiseido Travel Retail Vice President of Marketing & Innovation Elisabeth Jouguelet said: “The introduction of Shiseido’s new Vital Perfection series in Hainan came at a momentous time for the China travel retail market, fuelled by the enhanced offshore duty free shopping policy and the encouraging momentum of domestic tourism.

“Building on the success of our Shiseido Ultimune collaboration last year, we are delighted to have joined forces once again with China Duty Free Group to launch the new Vital Perfection series, a key pillar in the brand’s portfolio.”

The Alive with Zero Gravity animation ran throughout August, bringing the lifting and firming benefits of the new Vital Perfection range to life through a series of interactive digital experiences.

Bringing a powerful campaign to life: click on the image to play the video

Visitors began their journey at Zero Gravity Registration Station where they received a unique RFID card to document their journey. Afterwards, they headed to the Zero Gravity Pose Station where they jumped and struck ‘zero-gravity’ poses and took photos surrounded by suspended Vital Perfection jars.

Visitors continued their journey at the Vital Perfection Augmented Reality experience, where they discovered the many skincare benefits of the new line. They also received personalised skincare consultations at the Uplifting Experience Station, where they learned how to mix and match Shiseido’s best-selling skincare products with the new Vital Perfection range in order to create a skincare routine tailored to their specific needs.

The experience concluded at the Uplifting Gift Station which gave the animation an added gamification element. It invited customers to tap their RFID cards at the vending machine to play a quiz game for a chance to win exclusive gifts from Shiseido.

To boost consumer traffic and brand awareness both online and offline, the Alive with Zero Gravity Beauty pop-up was also promoted through large-scale OOH media at the Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex and in key airports in Beijing and Shanghai.

Shiseido Travel Retail also launched a series of highly-targeted programmatic advertisements across Chinese online platforms such as Mafengwo, Ctrip and TikTok through both the pre-trip and in-trip phases. CDFG also promoted the animation on its website and various owned social channels.

An uplifting experience: Visitors were encouraged to jump and take dynamic photos which they could share on social media

"The introduction of Shiseido's new Vital Perfection series in Hainan came at a momentous time for the China travel retail market, fuelled by the enhanced offshore duty free shopping policy and the encouraging momentum of domestic tourism."

­­Shiseido Travel Retail Vice President of Marketing & Innovation Elisabeth Jouguelet

In addition, Shiseido Travel Retail hosted its first-ever KOL livestream through CDFG’s YiZhiBo livestreaming platform. It partnered with Chinese KOLs 小猪姐姐, GOGOBOI and 李铭泽, who took their followers through a livestream tour of the activation and Shiseido’s boutique.

The livestream sessions also included a product introduction segment held in CDFG’s dedicated livestream room. The KOL livestream campaign reached 56.3 million impressions. It was supported by a KOL engagement programme — featuring 155 KOLs and Key Opinion Consumers — which reached a total of 78.8 million impressions.

Jouguelet noted how the activation highlighted Shiseido Travel Retail’s willingness to adapt to the new retail landscape. “It is a reflection of our commitment to developing consumer-centric and inspiring digital experiences for Shiseido beauty shoppers.”

The activation also marked Shiseido’s first-ever collaboration with CDFG’s YiZhiBo livestreaming platform. (Left) 小猪姐姐 exploring the animation space; (right) 李铭泽 takes his fans on a tour of the Shiseido boutique.

“We are extremely pleased to have collaborated exclusively with Shiseido Travel Retail on the exciting Shiseido Alive with Zero-Gravity Beauty campaign,” said China Duty Free Group Vice President of Central Merchandising Division Terry Chua. “It is inspiring to see the brand raise the bar year after year, from the Red Ginza Street activation to the latest Vital Perfection campaign and become one of the key highlights of our animation calendar.”

“Creating unique experiences for the increasingly discerning Chinese consumer is a worthy challenge,” Chua added. “The key to our combined success has been Shiseido Travel Retail’s invaluable insight on Chinese shoppers and commitment to creativity, which have led to the creation of journeys that inspire, capture and convert.”

*Shiseido Travel Retail is a Platinum Partner of the forthcoming Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo and CDFG is a Diamond Partner. CDFG President Charles Chen will deliver a much-anticipated keynote address on the opening day (12 October).

The Alive with Zero Gravity pop-up was supported with media in the CDF Mall and in key Chinese airports in Beijing and Shanghai

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