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Illuminating the power of Flowbox

In-store retail specialist Kendu – a Silver Partner at the upcoming Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo – will be showcasing its innovative Flowbox lightbox to the industry at the event.

Creative. Energy-efficient. User-friendly. Impactful. That’s how in-store retail specialist Kendu describes the virtues of its Flowbox lightbox technology, which recently won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design 2020 Award.

Flowbox is a dynamic display solution that matches image with movement. It was originally launched in 2017 and was relaunched in late 2019 with an enhanced product design and user experience. It is CE-certified and comes with a two-year guarantee. It also features a new framing system and smooth-edged LED plates wrapped in 100% recycled packaging. The Flowbox comes in both standardised and bespoke sizes.

Dynamic display: How the new Flowbox technology can add value to business (click to play video)

According to the company, the Flowbox lightbox requires 50-200% less capital investment than other similar display products. It also consumes up to 70% less energy than traditional LED displays and can be easily installed in-store in 15 minutes.

All of this, the company says, highlights its potential for travel retailers. Alongside other dynamic in-store retail solutions, Kendu will show the lightbox at the Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo (12-16 October).

Kendu will show its latest tech display solutions at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo

Kendu says: “We’re very excited to attend the Virtual Travel Retail Expo, a hugely innovative project that will definitively set the pace for future events in the industry. Despite the turmoil and challenges the industry is facing, we are bullish on travel retail and fully committed to the sector. The event’s team has done an excellent job so far and the line-up is phenomenal – all major players are attending the event.

Matching images with movement at Flowbox

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