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Going digital with ‘The King’ at Sydney Airport

One of the southern hemisphere’s most familiar advertising installations recently went digital for even greater impact. A new video shows the unmissable oOh!media billboard at Sydney Airport take fresh shape.

oOh!media’s renowned 40 x 10m billboard at Sydney Airport went digital in July, enabling more advertisers to reach audiences at one of the country’s most premium outdoor media sites. On this page we bring you a new video of the spectacular billboard in action.

Located on Joyce Drive and affectionately known as ‘The King’, it ranks among the largest digital airport advertising screens in the southern hemisphere.

The King has boosted oOh!’s digital airport and roadside billboard offering, adding to a premium portfolio that includes ‘Big Mortey’ at Brisbane Airport as well as two super-sized billboards on the approach to Melbourne Airport, known as ‘The Twins’.

The King, which targets consumers heading to the city from the airport, has one of the highest audience reaches in Australia, in both number and high-value terms. Its upgrade has also been enhanced by the digitisation of ‘The Prince’, a 67sq m portrait-style billboard welcoming travellers coming into the airport, complementing the Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide airport external digital network.

Targeting high-value consiumers wiht a high-volume offer at Sydney Airport

oOh! Chief Commercial and Product Officer Robbie Dery said the two sites extend oOh!’s leadership across the eastern seaboard and represent a compelling proposition to advertisers seeking to reach audiences at scale.

“The King targets both the premium high-value airport audience as well as the high-volume road market, which makes it a superior asset that will form an essential part of leading Out of Home campaigns.

“Iconic and irreplaceable sites like this are few and far between – and digitisation gives brands a great opportunity to leverage this unique and sought-after space.”

oOh!media is a leading media company across Australia and New Zealand that creates deep engagement between people and brands through unmissable Out of Home advertising solutions. Our connected offline and online ecosystem makes brands unmissable across our diverse network of more than 37,000 locations across Australia and New Zealand helping brands connect with their audiences through powerful and integrated, cross-format campaigns. Our unparalleled reach combined with industry best data, insights, media planning tools and technological innovation gives advertisers an added layer of campaign intelligence. oOh! delivers the reach, optimisation, engagement and impact to connect and influence audiences anytime and anywhere.

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