A compelling retail story

begins a new chapter

I haven’t come here to settle down.

I’ve come here to depart.

I am a merchant with lots of goods,

selling to whoever will buy.

– Yunus Emre, Turkish folk poet (1238-1330)

Welcome to the latest edition of The Moodie Davitt Spotlight Series eZine, in which we profile one of travel retail’s most ambitious players, Setur Duty Free.

Founded in 1964, the Turkish company is one of the world’s longest-established travel retailers. Today it is looking forward to a new expansionist era, as it seeks to seize concession and M&A opportunities at home and abroad. This special eZine spells out those ambitions. In the following pages, we examine a company with both the backing and conviction to expand considerably at home and abroad.

Setur Duty Free’s owner is Koç Holding, Turkey’s largest industrial conglomerate, a hugely powerful group that serves as a driving force of the country’s economy. Remarkably, Koç Holding’s combined turnover equates to 8% of the national income and it generates 9% of Turkey’s exports.

Koç Holding was Turkey’s first joint stock company and is the only Turkish enterprise listed in the Fortune Global 500. Its market capitalisation is the highest on Borsa Istanbul and its contribution to Turkey’s taxation revenues and employment figures exceeds any other company.

With that kind of backing in place, Setur Duty Free is confident that it can deliver on its ambitions within a global travel retail channel that has been radically transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This publication signals that intent.

Martin Moodie, Founder & Chairman, The Moodie Davitt Report

Digital innovation

Setur Duty Free deploys the latest technologies across all platforms.

  • Cloud based ERP system
  • Service-based connection with Customs and operators
  • Data intelligence and reporting infrastructure, 6 Sigma Systems
  • Incentive system – digitalised (IDC Digital Transformation Award; IDC Big Data & Analytics Award; Frontier Awards 2017; IDC Retail Technology Award, KMD - Retail Technology Award; Frontier Awards 2018)
  • Camera systems and recording 7/24
  • Digital signage in stores

Digital Signage applications provide various benefits to retail service providers.

As a leading travel retailer operating across a wide range of retailer channels, Setur Duty Free faces the constant challenge of reaching out to and converting large numbers of potential customers. As a result the company has built up digital mapping expertise and set up digital screens across its store network. The benefits include:

  • Attention-grabbing displays
  • Cloud source content
  • Lower overhead potential
  • Better brand awareness
  • Impulse purchases
  • Flexibility and an agile marketing approach

Setur Duty Free factfile

Operational scope

Travel Retail & Duty Free across:

  • Airports
  • Land Borders
  • Seaports
  • Wholesale activities
  • Operational

Number of duty free stores

  • 14 stores in airports
  • 25 land border stores
  • 13 stores in seaports
  • 1 diplomatic store in Erbil N. Iraq

The widest store and logistics network in Turkey

Total duty free retail area:

20,000 sq m



Spotlight Series - August 2021

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