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Setur Duty Free

a pictorial journey (continued)


The Setur Duty Free store is sited on the Sarp-Sarpi main land border crossing between Turkey and Georgia, a key location for business travel between the two countries. The crossing has become Turkey’s gateway to the East in recent years. Remarkably, the former Soviet Union closed the border in 1938 and it remained that way until 1987. As so many families were divided with no contact allowed, the area was compared to the Berlin Wall or the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.


This Setur Duty Free store is located in the village of Türközü in Ardahan Province in northeastern Turkey, which serves as a border crossing point to Vale in Georgia.


Setur Duty Free operates a compact 77sq m seaport store here in this very popular town on the Aegean peninsula that mixes quaintness, history and modernity with spectacular marine views.

Spotlight Series - August 2021

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