Loulou, the “store within a store”

The 200sq m lifestyle space is located directly on the quays at the foot of Pont-Neuf, featuring a large window with stunning scenography.

Samaritaine was redeveloped to offer its customers a lengthy ‘stroll’ through outstanding Parisian-themed brands and gastronomic treats. However, while offering a taste of the French art de vivre, it also caters for those customers whose time might be limited, who are looking for something quirky or a simple keepsake of their time in the store and in Paris.

Those needs are met by Loulou, a 200sq m lifestyle space located directly on the quays at the foot of the Pont-Neuf, and described by DFS as a “store within a store”.

Loulou offers many idiosyncratic twists on the usual destination merchandise fare {Photo: Ajouts}

Loulou lights up Paris {Photo: Stephane Sby Balmy}

Loulou’s large shop window is an attention grabber, offering a glimpse of the carefully curated selection of products and the store’s regularly changing décor that reflects the refined Samaritaine spirit.

Loulou “breaks codes to surprise visitors in search of novelties”. Away from traditional merchandising codes, the store presents over 1,500 items in categories ranging from fashion and hi-tech to design and stationery.

They are all chosen by a dedicated team, which specialises in tracking local and international favourites, and are presented according to colours and themes.

Prices target all budgets and already it is not unusual to see a customer leaving armed with just a post card or taking off on a new bike to enjoy the quays in front of the Samaritaine.

Loulou also offers products which are exclusive to the store. At its opening, Macon et Lesquoy embroidered brooches were featured, along with limited-edition posters from the Plakat publishing house, raspberry-rose-lychee flavoured Confiture Parisienne and Elise Tsikis lacquered jewellery in Samaritaine colours.

And, of course, Loulou specialises in products emblazoned with the Samaritaine logo. A large selection of items include notebooks, mugs, silk organza tote bags with designs that echo old advertisements, excerpts from illustrated catalogues, elements of ironwork or the building’s Art Nouveau patterns.

Loulou offers a carefully curated, eclectic assortment set amidst regularly changing décor {Photo: We are Contents}