Nestlé: Your partner in growth

Nestlé says that the VERSE model can be applied across categories in our industry, and offers all players an opportunity for growth. As the world’s number one food company, Nestlé will bring many of its own assets to bear. Dryburgh says: “We have great brands, we bring long-standing category credibility, and we have many findings and insights about the power of food. We are also well positioned to support the industry with our thought leadership and experience in regeneration, beyond sustainability. ‘’In food we have access to global brand exclusives by sub-category at Nestlé, and can apply them for particular markets. We have only scratched the surface on exclusive products for travel retail.”

NESTLÉ: Well positioned to drive growth in food

There are opportunities to shift the needle on penetration levels by adding global brands that have not been present in the channel, such as Nescafé Gold Roastery. This will bring incremental sales, not by replacing a Chanel perfume or Johnnie Walker whisky but by meeting unmet consumer needs and making the retail offer more relevant and appealing, thereby driving conversion. Dryburgh says: “The whole Nestlé team and I are excited and ready to work with our retail partners, airports and other brand owners to recruit shoppers and deliver our category ambition of making food the most purchased category in travel retail. We have been delighted with the very positive reaction from key retailers so far. People in our industry are open to this, they’re looking for new angles, and this is a compelling story. “The good news too is that this thinking will work not only for food & confectionery but all categories, reigniting sales and delighting consumers – fuelling total industry growth.”

Spotlight Series – November 2021

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