In September Nestlé launched its ‘Generation-Regeneration’ plan, the aim of which is to ensure a resilient future for our planet and its people. The group is advancing regenerative food systems at scale, to help protect, renew and restore the environment, improve the livelihoods of farmers and enhance the resilience and well-being of communities and consumers at a time of climate change and environmental threat. This is the ethos that Nestlé’s travel retail unit is taking to its own strategy – sustainability is just the beginning but equal focus is given to actively renewing and restoring our planet. “This is very powerful thinking and I am personally very engaged by the group’s approach. It is key to our planet’s and to our children’s future,” says Dryburgh.

Moving the Smarties brand to 100% recyclable paper packaging across the full product portfolio was a global first for a confectionery brand and will reduce Nestle’s plastic footpint by 250 million packs per annum. Nestlé is moving fast to deliver its ambitious sustainability commitments pledging to transition to 100% recyclable or reusable packaging across its entire range and reduce the use of virgin plastic by one-third by 2025. “The Smarties action is not a promise, it’s already a reality. We realise that this is a journey across the whole portfolio but this is a huge first step of which we’re rightly proud,” says Dryburgh.

Regeneration: Addressing sustainability expectations

Spotlight Series – November 2021

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