The final E in VERSE stands for Execution. Dryburgh says: “We all know that shoppers don’t buy strategy, they buy the execution they see in front of them where our initiatives become tangible. Flawless execution of the model will unlock the undoubted growth opportunities. That is what will transform the power of this exciting category.” For airports and retailers this naturally raises questions about how stores are formatted or designed. “Location by location we have to explore how we execute the category, from space allocation to adjacencies , and where the category sits for each retailer will be different by airport, terminal and by passenger mix. “On the mix, it has to be shopper-led. It’s about what makes them engage, so it’s not important whether it comes from Nestlé or other brand owners, but whether it grows the category. “It’s about combining the opportunities for that genuine local smell, touch, feel alongside global brands that offer reassurance and the traditional confectionery powerhouses. The opportunity is there for retailers who start to exploit food in a holistic way.”

Executing VERSE requires:

Dubai Duty Free and ARI (top): Champions of the food & confectionery business

Spotlight Series – November 2021

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