Celebrate the seasons

Seasonal promotions are a big driver for confectionery at certain times of the year – but all four seasons offer opportunities to enhance sales year-round, according to Nestlé International Travel Retail.

The key winter season in the northern hemisphere is tied to Christmas which is probably the best-selling period for most chocolate, sweet and biscuit brands in travel retail. However other seasons also offer events and occasions that can be used to create value for travelling shoppers, who are

eager for products or gifts to bond them with friends, family or partners.

They range from Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year in late winter, Easter in spring, Eid al-Fitr in summer, Rosh Hashanah in the autumn, and Thanksgiving at the end of November. The list is far more exhaustive than this and many of these seasonal celebrations/holidays – when people travel around the globe – remain under-utilised by travel retailers, says the brand owner.

Enhance seasonal moments with products to gift or bond with friends,
family or partner

It is up to brands and their retail partners to assess local market opportunities and exploit them with the appropriate in-store communication and the least complexity. Profitable, flexible solutions rely on selecting relevant products for seasonal gifting and adapting them (with sleeving or other solutions) to address traveller needs.

Given the large number of seasonal events that could be leveraged, delivering shelf-ready solutions to retail customers is the most efficient way for confectionery players to build sales during these events.